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Interview with Colin Gregory, Managing Director, and Edward Saliba, Director at Equiom Malta

TFGX1172Colin Gregory, Managing Director of Equiom Malta explains what this acquisition means to Equiom. Edward Saliba, previously a Director and Head of Corporate Services at DF Corporate and now part of Equiom Malta, discusses the integration process from his perspective and the benefits it has brought to his team and clients.

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Making Malta The Centre of Innovations

Nick DobGRO_3045rovolskiy, Co-Founder/ Vice-President of Parallels, talks with MBR to explain the significant €10 million investment made by Acronis, who has joined Runa Capital and Parallels In Accelerating Innovation and Supporting Blockchain Initiatives in Malta. In this exclusive interview Mr Dobrovlskiy tells us just why technology innovations and strong customer demand for data protection solutions fuels need for expansion in the Mediterranean region through a concerted and strategic partnership approach with the Island of Malta.




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Ready for the Challenge


Roderick Psaila has passed his whole career in the banking sector. Academically qualified as a banker and economist, Roderick started his working life at the Central Bank of Malta, where he spent eighteen years – taking out a short period when he was engaged by the European Central Bank – before taking the plunge into the industry locally in 2008. AgriBank is Roderick’s third bank he started himself and he has occupied the position of CEO from day one.





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People and Technology

DSC_0686Stephen P DeFalco is the Chief Executive Officer with Crane Currency, an established company that makes money making money – the banknotes used by countries all over the world. In this exclusive interview, Stephen tells us that Crane Currency’s message has been that this is a great time to join a leader in the banknote business who is building the most modern banknote production and customer experience facility in the world here in Malta. There has been a phenomenal response to all the public calls, and Stephen confirms the general feeling is that people want to be part of this journey right from the start. In fact, within a month after Crane Currency announced their intention to locate in Malta, over 1500 people submitted their information to our Malta careers site. We learn more about this prestigious multi-million investment and Crane Currency in this absorbing interview.

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Driving Constant Growth


Martin Vella speaks to Felipe Navarro, CEO of MAPFRE Middlesea about their brand promise

“A strong brand promise is one that connects your purpose, your positioning, your strategy, your people and your customer experience. It enables you to deliver your brand in a way that connects emotionally with your customers and differentiates your brand.”


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Helping Call Centres automate processes and enable customer communication via social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn. 3XP belong to an exclusive group of companies that can Design, Implement and Mantain Cisco enterprise Voice & Contact Centre solutions, in addition to highly functional and cost effective Small to Medium Businesses solutions.

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photo inside magazine mihail petreski

MBR Editor recently had the opportunity to chat with Mihail Petreski, Director at 3XP Solutions, who tells us why 3XP Group do things differently. Mihail believes giving customers the tools and knowledge to not only manage their environment smarter and more efficiently, but also to provide them with the know how to adapt to change. He maintains that technology is at its best when it blends seamlessly into the customer experience.

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