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44DAYS TO GO!… Online Casino Reports & 5-STAR MEDIA are new partners in Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards 2018 – NEW RENAISSANCE HALL, MONTEKRISTO ESTATES, HAL-FARRUG


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Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards 2017 (MiGEA) are pleased to announce that ONLINE CASINO REPORTS, 5-star iGAMING MEDIA, The Malta Independent (incl. TMIS) and The Malta Business Weekly as their newest Media Partners, together with the Malta Business Review, Malta’s premier business magazine and Sunday Trends, Malta’s trendiest fashion and lifestyle magazine.

As we move along, our partners, sponsors, nominees and all participants will be receiving updates and e-newsles in the following days!

The press release revealed the three “special offers” available to these with our new media partner:

Ø  A dedicated page to the MiGEA with a link and image that we have provided is being launched by Online Casino events directory shortly. Here is our dedicated page for last year’s event:

Ø  Online Casino Reports shall post articles about the event before it takes place, based on PRs/news that our partners, nominees and sponsors are free to send us send us (we usually rewrite these, and in other cases – share on our Facebook/Linkedin/Twitter profiles) and posting. We can also translate the news and post them in different languages which you can see on OCR list of local sites;

Ø  Online Casino Reports also have social media profiles (Twitter / Facebook / Linkedin) where they will push the event.


Please make sure you keep an eye out for more MiGEA-related news. If you have any event related or PR material you wish to post on all the above, please send them to:

An acknowledgement and online link will be sent in reply.

We thank you for your firm support and trust.



MiGEA 2018: Malta’s largest and most prestigious Gaming awards are back!

Sensational Award Ceremony produced with finesse and precision

This year’s dinner and prize giving ceremony will be held at a five star venue, which is yet to be confirmed. MBR Publications Limited organises sit down gala dinners, award ceremonies, and industry nights from 50 to 1500+ people. For the past ten years, MBR Publications Ltd have been organising prestigious business awards, among which is the highly recognized excellence awards in the gaming/iGaming industry, as the sector has become critical to the success and growth of any business.

The company offers tailor-made events design service, delivering a market leading performance to match your own corporate aspirations and endeavours. Their dedicated event planning team will work tirelessly to find customers the right location, creating detailed designs of the space to maximise the impact of all your corporate elements. Today, the company specialise in creating spectacular stage designs with integrated corporate branding, stunning bespoke menus, sensational themes and first class entertainment.
MBR Publications Limited use the latest technology to deliver first class production services – from power solutions, AV packages, and lighting systems, to prop, theming and marquee solutions. The company approaches each production job with a creative passion for excellence, backed by decades of experience and a vast knowledge of Health & Safety, Risk Assessments, and Insurance liability.

These Gaming Awards recognise the greatest titles, teams, and individuals from across the gaming industry. Since its highly rated premier last year, the show has exploded in attendance to become a must-see stop for hundreds of attendees. With categories catering to all major verticals of the gaming industry, including mobile, tabletop, casino, online, live and VR gaming, the Gaming Awards are a great opportunity to receive world-class recognition for your gaming projects. Be a part of a whole new kind of gaming festival experience that can only be found in the heart of the legendary MiGEA event. The 2018 MiGEA will host 24 unique awards categories encompassing all aspects of gaming.

Starting with a cocktail red carpet reception at 7.30pm, followed by a 3 course lavish dinner, with petit fours, coffee, free flowing wine and Awards Ceremony, this Gaming award  gala is jam-packed with unrivalled top quality entertainment. For this year, a limited number of tables remain available due to the heavy demand there has been following last year’s highly successful awards, but there’s still time to reserve yours at the MiGEA’s 2018 premier gala event

MiGEA Award Finalists Receive:

Being shortlisted as a finalist for one of our categories is rewarding in its own right. TIGA will ensure that:

  • all finalists are included in press releases and relevant MiGEA’s marketing emails;
  • coverage on MiGEA’s website, Malta Business Review fb page; Sunday Trends Fashion & Lifestyle magazine fb page and also The Malta Independent Online website;
  • promotion on MiGEA’s social media channels.
  • Unique event live-streaming on U-Tube and facebook

MiGEA Award Winners Receive:

  • industry recognition at the Awards Ceremony in Malta attended by industry leaders and the media;
  • a weighty MiGEA trophy and accredited certificate!
  • PR through MiGEA’s press releases, live-streamed Press Conference which are sent to trade press and national / international press;
  • coverage on the main MiGEA website, and affiliated magazine/newspaper fb pages and in MiGEA’s newsletters to over 200,000 database customers;
  • a ‘winners’ signature logo which you can attach to your email or website.

But the best is yet to be, as we forge ahead, shaping and defining our new digital world in an incredible number of ways. This technology is driving business, and at the same time helping the great institutions of the world capture, analyse and share their data to fight hunger and disease, while improving efficiency and shifting to renewable energy . In the world’s more deprived areas, connectivity and networking is unleashing opportunity, while the platforms we build help families to stay in touch and communicate like never before.

MBR Publications are celebrating the second year of Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards, with an extra-special Awards Gala ceremony, which will tell the stories of the innovative and pioneering projects and people behind the industry’s greatest successes. We want you to join us for a night of glitz and glamour and, most importantly of all, align your brand with our showcase of excellence and best practice, and assert your commitment to excellence and improvement, including a dose of CSR to help the Children’s Cancer Foundation Puttinu Cares and also The Community Chest Fund patronised by HE The president of Malta Marie Louise Coleiro Preca.

Nominee entry and Sponsorship opportunities are available. These levels of sponsorship packages are designed for companies and organisations desiring recognition as a strong community partner. Main or Gold sponsorship gives you significantly heightened visibility, and also includes a variety of associated benefits. All of these leader sponsorship packs include basic value added benefits, and are designed to fit your marketing needs and budget. Additional Event and Program or Category sponsorship packs are also available.


Upcoming Events

Malta Beauty & Healthcare Exhibition / or Sunday Trends Gala Fashion Show Launch

Entrepreneurship & Franchise Expo Malta

Biz Breakfast: Operational Risk Management B2B Networking Business Breakfast in Collaboration with Shield Consultants

Malta’s Premier Marketing & B2B Networking Convention:
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Malta Best In Business Awards 2017











A Company of ‘firsts’ in the organisation of award shows in Malta

MBR Publications Limited’s International Business Awards (IBAs), including Malta’s Best Entrepreneur Awards of the Year, Malta’s Best in Business Awards, Malta’s Gaming Excellence Awards and the Malta International Boats & Yachting Awards, are Malta’s only international, all-encompassing business awards programmes. Many organisations and individuals from all over the best and most influential of Malta’s business clusters, including Banking, Finance, Real Estate, Hospitality, Industry, Manufacturing, Importing & Distribution, ICT, Gaming, Maritime, Aviation and other sectors have all participated in paste editions, with some also entering two or three times! The success of these awards are attributed mainly to the fact that we were the pioneers in creating and establishing such prestigious and internationally recognised award programmes. Furthermore, we have a Board of Directors managing and evaluating nominees, with a completely transparent voting system, whereby judges have two score cards and these are signed and viewed even after the awards are over, and are also made available online on our website. No other award event in Malta has this type of transparent voting structure. Continue reading

Nominations for the Malta International Boat & Yachting Awards 2017 are now open!: The criteria for Boats & Yachting Awards

unnamed (1)These awards recognise the remarkable ingenuity, creativity, special achievements, amazing endeavours and innovation of personalities, sportsman, importers, distributors, sailors, and entrepreneurs connecting with the local world of boats and yachting. Attended by the elite of the boats and yachting community, owners and industry leaders came together to recognise the finest achievers and winners launched throughout 2017.

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