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MEPs demand an end to migrant deaths across the Mediterranean Sea

MEPs call on EU leaders to agree on a position on the Dublin system. Next EU summit in Brussels on 28-29 June will be crucial European reception centres in transit countries to assist migrants. They discussed with Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos and the Council how to deal with humanitarian emergencies in the Mediterranean, following the decision by the Italian and Maltese governments not to allow the MV Aquarius, Continue reading

NIKE releases iconic #Brasileirgagem World Cup Advert and pays tribute to Ronaldo

Ahead of the FIFA World Cup™ this summer and 20 years since NIKE set the standard in pre-tournament promotion, the super brand has once again released an iconic commercial featuring Brazil, one of the ten teams it will be kitting this year. This time around, the advert draws reference to social media and video games and presents Brazil’s golden generation carrying the hopes of a football-crazy nation in the run-up to this summer’s World Cup in Russia, particularly after its tragic 7-1 defeat to Germany four years ago. Continue reading


Keeping pace with the games in real time 2018 means the FIFA World CupTM! For its 3rd participation as a Branded Licensee, Hublot has created the watch that all football fans and Hublot fans have been waiting for! A smart watch that will instantly connect you to every decisive second of the matches being played at the 2018 FIFA World Cup™. A much-anticipated innovation that could not have been imagined by any other watch brand, given the extent to which Hublot and Football are as one. Not only is the footballing world going to march to the beat of the watchmaker, but now the pulse of the matches will reach its peak on your wrist! “The Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM offers all the usual features of a smart watch of course, but that’s not where Hublot has applied its innovation and audacity. It brings together everything that inspires the passion of football lovers! The FIFA World Cup is the Holy Grail of emotions for football fans, so just imagine what an object such as a watch that captures each and every one of its moments, its turning points, its stakes could suddenly represent? The football aficionados from among the brand’s friends have been waiting for this watch for a long time!” Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot It was a specific need expressed by FIFA, and Hublot brought it to life! Wanting a customised watch for the referees, FIFA asked Hublot to conceive the perfect watch to accompany them on the pitches during the matches.Hublot designed this connected watch, its first, for the footballing universe: the Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM. It is a unique edition that is limited to 2018 pieces. Continue reading

Optimising traffic in real time: SMIGHT and PTV have teamed up to develop a joint solution for cities and municipalities

CeBIT 2018 / SMIGHT Traffic keeps traffic flowing / Intelligent street lighting supplies traffic data The smart city of tomorrow is benefiting from the increasing intelligence of our infrastructure. The EnBW brand SMIGHT (Smart City Light) and PTV Group have teamed up in a joint devel-opment initiative to optimise urban traffic in real time. SMIGHT Traffic unites the advantages of intelligent traffic recording with the leading software for real-time optimisation of traffic flows. Cities and municipalities can use the new solution to analyse traffic flows and plan ahead proactively, thereby strategically reducing the traffic load. More and more people are moving into large cities where they work, live, and play. As the number of inhabitants grows, so do the demands placed on the infrastructure of a smart city. EnBW is developing solutions to this problem through SMIGHT. The brand’s intelligent street lighting and multifunctional base towers can be equipped with features such as public WiFi, charging technology for electric cars, or sensors for recording traffic data and environmental information. This is where PTV’s traffic planning and management software comes in. SMIGHT Traffic records the various road users and transmits the data to the smart city plat-form SMIGHT IQ. There the data is mapped as a real-time simulation and enables forward-looking analysis of potential traffic events. The cooperation combines intelligent infrastructure solutions from SMIGHT with planning and optimisation software from PTV Group. Thanks to the broader database provided by this solution, urban and transport planners can not only evaluate road transport, but also better actively manage it. Historic data collected in the past, for example, can be processed in PTV Visum software to assist in strategic transport planning and modelling. Additionally, dynamic traffic information collected in real time via intelligent street lighting can be fed into the operative traffic management system PTV Optima. “This reduces the traffic load and enhances quality of life,” explains Oliver Deuschle, Director of SMIGHT. No matter whether car, bus, or bike – the sheer number and variety of mobility options are posing new challenges for transport planners in cities and municipalities. Continue reading

“SOMEDAY… everything will make perfect sense”

Born on 19th May 1933, there are few people who have lived as many lives as Edward de Bono. Following his completion of a medical degree at the University of Malta, his continued thirst for excellence led him to pursue a Masters degree in Psychology and Physiology at the University of Oxford where he also set two canoeing records and was part of the Oxford polo team. He later read for a PhD in medicine at Trinity College in Cambridge and has written over fifty books, his most acclaimed being the ‘Six Thinking Caps’. Much like the planet named after him, he carries his own gravity! As someone who is an internationally recognised symbol of Maltese excellence who has reached iconic status both in his field and off, Edwards Lowell felt a particular resonance with de Bono’s vision for all encompassing excellence and it is for this reason that he was chosen to be the first in their series of achievers of excellence. The “Someday…everything will make perfect sense” campaign will see Edwards Lowell collaborating with people who have reached the peak of their careers and set a benchmark for future generations. Having himself coined the widely used term ‘lateral thinking’ to explain thinking outside of the box with imagination, Edward de Bono is nothing if not an innovator. Always striving to refine his thoughts and ideas and present them in a new way, his recent conference which took place at Verdala Palace under the patronage of H.E. Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca on 19th May 2018 saw de Bono use the palace as the setting for his first ever ‘Palace of New Thinking’ conference. Believing that a new idea and approach is able to better solve problems of conflict, the ‘Palace of New Thinking’ conference is to be held once every year and is focused on discussing creative ideas about different world issues. Commenting about his choice of venue, de Bono was quick to point out that in order for people to be able to discuss stubborn issues of international concern, one must have a place of dignity and importance which has a very clear function. Continue reading

From Moonshot to Reality: AI in Action

KEY RESEARCH QUESTIONS • What is vision, and what is reality for AI applications in corporate banking? • What are examples of AI in action? • What are the building blocks for successful AI implementation? AI is increasingly moving from experiments to reality in the corporate bank The concept of a cognitive corporate bank is no longer moonshot. AI is increasingly moving from experiments to reality in the corporate bank. Recently Celent’s Alenka Grealish published a report titled From Moonshot to Reality: AI in Action. Continue reading


• Common safety level across EU • Legal certainty to help boost market development • Modernised safety aviation rules to meet new challenges MEPs backed new EU-wide rules to ensure the safe use of drones and to update aviation safety rules. This month, MEPs approved an agreement reached between Council and Parliament negotiators in November 2017 on EU-wide principles for drones and drone operators to ensure a common level of Continue reading

Media Opportunity: IHOb Goes Viral and Those Who Hopped Up to the Opportunity Cashed In By Ken Wisnefski

With so many incredibly important headlines hitting the newswire lately, IHOP changing their name to IHOb – the “B” now stands for burgers – was a welcome source of levity that took social media by storm. As the number one trending story on Twitter, brands and comedians showed how much free advertising can be ascertained by jumping on the viral bandwagon.

Continue reading

Cyber Europe 2018 – get prepared for the next cyber crisis

Malta participated in CE2018, an international cybersecurity simulation exercise organised by the EU Cybersecurity Agency ENISA on 6 and 7 June 2018. The simulation exercise was locally coordinated by the Critical Infrastructure Protection Directorate (CIPD) within the Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security (MHAS) and its cyber monitoring arm CSIRTMalta, Malta’s National Computer Security Incident Response Team. 50 local cyber security and media professionals from 11 local organisations participated in the most mature EU Cyber Security Simulation Exercise known as ‘Cyber Europe 2018’ (CE2018) to date. The simulation exercise was locally coordinated by the CIPD within MHAS in collaboration with EU ENISA, the EU Cyber Security Agency, and the participation of other EU member states’ agencies responsible for the monitoring of the cyber space in their respective regions. Minister for Home Affairs and National Security Michael Farrugia visited the coordinating team during the exercise and said such exercises are of utmost importance to test our capabilities in dealing with cyber and hybrid attacks on critical and other relevant infrastructure. Malta is giving great importance to critical infrastructure and on how to deal with cyber and hybrid attacks. The Critical Infrastructure Protection Directorate will be strengthened by other professional personnel. Malta’s participation was organised in multiple crisis cells. A national coordinating crisis cell incorporating a media crisis cell assembled at the MHAS Coordinating Centre in Valletta. A group operational crisis cell gathered at the MITA Data Centre in St Venera and other organisational crisis cells operated from their normal place of work at various locations in Malta. Malta’s principal moderator and planner from CSIRTMalta within the CIPD, MHAS travelled to ENISA headquarters in Athens – Greece, to form part of the EU wide coordination and exercise planning team. The desktop exercise focused on cyber and hybrid attacks on the aviation sector disrupting their systems’ and flights’ operations. Continue reading

CYPRUS V MALTA: Energy and crypto trends By Claire Coe Smith

Malta and Cyprus have much in common, as two islands in the Mediterranean that are both members of the European Union and were once renowned for their popular citizenship by investment programmes. Both countries continue to attract a steady flow of the world’s wealthiest families to their shores, and claim to offer far more advantages than just visa-free travel throughout the EU to investors. Elias Neocleous is managing partner of the law firm Elias Neocleous & Co, and says that EU-specific regulatory changes are creating a challenging market for advisers in Cyprus. But while new rules require those moving to Cyprus to demonstrate they are doing so for genuine economic reasons, rather than simply for tax advantages, that drive towards creating substance is delivering opportunities, he says. “We see a niche developing for Cyprus in several areas and sectors,” says Neocleous. “We see growth in companies connected with shipping, for example, because Cyprus has a very active shipping business community. And we see a growth in the number of trading companies that are doing business in our geographic neighbourhood, covering the Middle East, North Africa and the Balkans.” Other expanding markets for advisers include a movement of wealthy individuals away from higher-tax countries such as Greece, and more businesses moving in to take advantage of energy opportunities in the offshore waters around Cyprus. Continue reading