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Project Based Learning Allows School to Become the Real World

Project Based Learning Allows School to Become the Real World

According to many experts, school must be more relevant if kids are to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution, and research indicates that students exposed to project based learning (PBL) are making significantly greater academic gains than students taught with traditional approaches. As students gain deeper knowledge about their work via PBL, they also learn real-world skills that will be invaluable to them for the rest of their lives. Thanks to real world challenges such as the United Nations’ SDG’s, project based learning is currently enjoying a revival. In this style of learning, students must address a problem that’s impacting their local or global community. The PBL process teaches students how to organize and present their thinking in a limited amount of time. Students have to collaborate with other classmates to find solutions and then present their findings to a group. All the skills involved in the work are critical for today’s world. C. M. Rubin, Founder of CMRubinWorld, asked top global teachers to share their examples of high quality PBL programs. Educator Marjo Rantanen in Finland describes an EU program in which students improved their “entrepreneurial skills” and learned to “evaluate peer work and team work results.” Prerna Kumar in India explains her students worked longer and harder and described their experience as “joyful, authentic, powerful and resourceful.” Koen Timmers, who currently has students across 6 continents researching and brainstorming 4 climate change challenges, notes: “I believe in changing people’s mindsets via education.”

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CMRubinWorld’s award-winning series, The Global Search for Education, brings together distinguished thought leaders in education and innovation from around the world to explore the key learning issues faced by most nations. The series has become a highly visible platform for global discourse on 21st century learning, offering a diverse range of innovative ideas which are presented by the series founder, C. M. Rubin, together with the world’s leading thinkers.

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Next-gen HNWs will boost demand for sustainable investing




For immediate release: 8 October 2018

Next-gen HNWs will boost demand for sustainable investing, says GlobalData

US millionaires demand for sustainable investments is the lowest demand level of any service in the US wealth management market, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

According to GlobalData’s 2018 Global Wealth Managers Survey, although 90% of US providers interviewed have socially responsible investments in their HNW proposition, the demand they experience for such products is moderate at best. On a 0% (very weak) to 100% (very strong) scale, sustainable investments stand at 50.1%. This is the lowest level of any service in the US wealth management market – and it is forecast to increase only slightly over the next year.

With the number of impact investing funds on the rise, a UBS report looked at HNW investors with at least 1% of liquid assets, allocated to investments linked to environmental, social, and governance factors. Out of the countries surveyed, the US had the least appetite for sustainable investing, with only 12% of HNW individuals having them in their portfolios.

Sergel Woldemichael, Wealth Management Analyst from GlobalData says, “Although sustainable investing may not currently be the biggest money-maker, that does not mean providers should omit it in their proposition. Parallels can be drawn with robo-advice; both offerings are ahead of their time and will be key for the next generation.”

Indeed, 53.4% of US wealth managers surveyed by GlobalData believe socially responsible investments are more important to the next generation than the current generation of clients. Research shows that millennials are committed to their money having more of a social impact than their elders, and wealth managers’ views echo this.


IMAGE FOR PUBLICATION: Social or ethical investment options are more important for the next gen in the US

Woldemichael concludes, “As the generational wealth transfer approaches, wealth managers will need to ensure the next generation’s needs are met sooner rather than later, as heirs are likely to start influencing their parents’ investment decision even before the actual wealth transfer. Wealth managers need to adopt or expand their sustainable investments, as demand for these products will only grow.”


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About GlobalData

4,000 of the world’s largest companies, including over 70% of FTSE 100 and 60% of Fortune 100 companies, make more timely and better business decisions thanks to GlobalData’s unique data, expert analysis and innovative solutions, all in one platform. GlobalData’s mission is to help our clients decode the future to be more successful and innovative across a range of industries, including the healthcare, consumer, retail, financial, technology and professional services sectors. PR3266

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InterNations Business Solutions Helps Employers Tackle the Challenges of Global Talent Mobility


InterNations Business Solutions Helps Employers Tackle the Challenges of Global Talent Mobility

  • The world’s largest expat community launches solution for corporate clients
  • InterNations Founder and Co-CEO Malte Zeeck: “Supporting the social integration of expats and international hires provides international employers with competitive edge” 
  • Volkswagen, Merck and Cigna among first clients of InterNations Business Solutions

Munich, 9 October 2018 — In 2018, millions of professionals relocated to another country, because they were hired by an international employer or sent on a global assignment. Employers pay a considerable amount of money to organize relocations. Yet, companies may pay an even bigger price for neglecting one of the most sensitive aspects of a relocation — the expat’s social integration. InterNations is now launching a solution which fills this gap with a powerful yet cost-efficient innovation. The world’s largest network for professionals working and living abroad, InterNations manages 420 expat communities with 3.3 million members around the world. Today, the company announced the launch of a Corporate Membership for global assignees, international hires and their respective partners. The solution enables companies to foster the social integration of expats across the entire relocation process. “Employers who help with the social integration of their expats are more competitive, because they reach higher productivity levels faster and are less prone to assignment failure or talent loss. With our global network of expat communities, we are in a unique position to provide this missing link to expat support,” says Malte Zeeck, Founder and Co-CEO of InterNations. Prior to the international roll-out, InterNations has been conducting a comprehensive pilot for its new solution, winning the cooperation of Volkswagen, Merck, Cigna and other global employers.


A peer-to-peer based solution with a global reach

A Solution which Boosts the Social Integration of Expats

Lower assignment risks, higher employer attractiveness and a better retention are the most important benefits which employers gain from incorporating an InterNations Corporate Membership into their expat support programs. Companies are also able to reduce the workload of global mobility and HR teams, who struggle to respond to the myriad individual questions and needs which are tied to a relocation. What are safe areas around town? Which is the best school for my child? What do I need to know about the local culture? How do I rebuild a social life? As members of an InterNations community, the new expats tap into the know-how and experience of other expats and global minds, who help them with up-to-date local information. “We are excited to introduce this peer-to-peer-based model of expat support to corporate clients. Employers and relocation service providers often do not have the infrastructure to offer this rich layer of support to their expats. Also, there are many areas of need where peer-to-peer support is simply more cost-efficient than traditional expat services”, says Malte Zeeck.
 Unlike other expat communities, InterNations provides peer-to-peer-based expat support on a local level, yet across a global network of 420 communities and under one central management. In each location, employers benefit from the same proven community concept and high-quality standards, from the business hubs in New York, London and Singapore to more remote destinations.

Volkswagen to use new Solution for Partner Support

Volkswagen is one of the first companies to work with InterNations Business Solutions and commands a global workforce of 642,300 employees. The global mobility team plans to integrate the InterNations Corporate Membership into their support program offered to partners of international assignees. “Moving to another country is an exciting experience, yet most people need help with the social integration at some point. This can be especially true for partners who do not have a work permit while abroad or who take care of the family. With the option to join the local InterNations community, it becomes much easier for them to settle down in their new host country, feel connected and have a richer experience of the new culture,” says Dr. Karen Lange, Head of Global Assignments at Volkswagen.

Consulting Backed by a Long History of Expat Support

Munich-based InterNations is the largest network for global employees worldwide, with 3.3 million professionals in 420 local communities. When the company started its first expat hubs in 2007, global talent mobility was just starting to become a topic. Today, companies are managing even more complex global assignments and fighting hard to position themselves as attractive global employers. InterNations has responded to this need by launching InterNations Business Solutions, a B2B division which will support companies with global assignments and international recruiting worldwide. “Global talent mobility is becoming more complex, more diverse and more competitive. We want to provide employers with up-to-date solutions to these challenges and leverage our expertise to a B2B audience,” says Malte Zeeck. The new division is located at the InterNations headquarters in Munich and is headed by Theresa Häfner and Christoph Zeinecker. Theresa Häfner has played a vital role in building the community management and other key areas of InterNations since joining the company in 2010. She is now in charge of the product development and marketing team of the new business division. Christoph Zeinecker has worked as executive for leading companies of the relocation industry, and he founded his own internet company. At InterNations Business Solutions, he spearheads the global advisor team and acts as consultant to corporate clients across core industries. Both Theresa Häfner and Christoph Zeinecker have lived abroad for long stretches of their careers and know the challenges of relocation first-hand.

InterNations Business Solutions will complement its product development with research-based industry insights, which explore global talent mobility from the viewpoint of expats. On Tuesday, 30 October 2018, the division releases the Expat Insider 2018│Business Edition, a report geared at business leaders, as well as international recruiting and global mobility professionals. The report explores global talent mobility through expat eyes and is based on the InterNations annual Expat Insider survey of 18,100 expats globally.


Christoph Zeinecker und Theresa Häfner, InterNations Business Solutions

About InterNations Business Solutions

InterNations Business Solutions was launched by InterNations, the world’s largest network for professionals living and working abroad with 3.2 million members and 420 communities worldwide. The goal of the new division is to develop B2B solutions for global employers. The solutions enable companies to improve the success of global assignments and to boost their employer attractiveness with regards to international top talent. InterNations Business Solutions regularly provides insights about Global Talent Mobility from an expat perspective. In October 2018, the division will publish the first edition of the “Expat Insider | Business Edition”, which is based on a survey with 18,100 expats worldwide.

To order an advance copy of the Expat Insider 2018│Business Edition, please send an email

Find more information about InterNations Business Solutions on XINGLinkedIn and on our division website(to be released shortly).

Press Contact
Birte Pampel 
Media Spokesperson 

InterNations GmbH
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80336 Munich, Germany 

Tel: +49 (0)89 461 3324 86



Fact Sheet InterNations 
Business Solutions


InterNations Business Solutions Co-Heads 


InterNations Business Solutions Christoph Zeinecker


InterNations Business Solutions Theresa Häfner


About InterNations 

With 3.2 million members in 420 cities around the world, InterNations ( is the largest global community and information site for people who live and work abroad. InterNations offers global and local networking both online and face-to-face. At around 6,000 official events and activities per month, expatriates have the opportunity to meet other global minds. Online services include country and city guides created by a team of professional writers, guest contributions about life abroad, and discussion forums to help members with topics such as the local job or housing search. InterNations membership is by approval only to ensure we remain a community of trust.

The InterNations app is available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded for free on Google Play and the App Store

Find more information about InterNations on our press pagescompany websiteFacebookLinkedInTwitter,or in our Expat Magazine.


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Media Spokesperson

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UNCTAD – World Investment Forum, Geneva, 22-26 October


Press Release

Original: English
Version: français


World Investment Forum, Geneva, 22–26 October

Geneva, 9 October 2018 – More than 5,000 participants from 160 countries will meet in Geneva to thrash out major new investment-for-development initiatives at UNCTAD’s World Investment Forum 2018 in the Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland from 22–26 October.

The high-level conference comes amid mounting disquiet about declining investment flows and their impact on efforts to meet the ambition of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by the international community three years ago.
“Global flows of foreign direct investment fell by 23% in 2017,” United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said. “Cross-border investment in developed and transition economies dropped sharply, while growth was near zero in developing economies. With only a very modest recovery predicted for 2018, this negative trend is a long-term concern for policymakers worldwide, especially for developing countries.”

Private sector investment in developing countries totalling $3.9 trillion a year is needed to generate economic activity to meet the Sustainable Development Goals – the core of the 2030 Agenda –according to UNCTAD research. Current levels leave an investment gap of some $2.5 trillion.
Marking its 10th anniversary, the biennial World Investment Forum remains the premier venue to forge partnerships between investment and development stakeholders to close this gap.

A unique gathering of high-level players from the global investment-development community, the forum provides an opportunity to hold an open dialogue, brainstorm solution-oriented initiatives and foster global alliances to advance prosperity for all. This year’s event comprises some 60 events, including three summits, five ministerial round tables, private-sector led sessions and several awards ceremonies.

Besides giving participants a chance to spotlight priorities for attracting and channelling investment that will drive sustainable development, the forum sessions will also focus on transformative actions and innovative financing modes for development, such as blockchain, sustainability bonds and blended finance. 
Speakers from business and special guests include more than 30 top executives of multinationals, among them Aviva, De Beers, Coca Cola, ContourGlobal, Jumia, Lavazza, PwC, Siemens Financial Services, UBS, and the heads of stock exchanges including those in Bombay, Johannesburg, Luxembourg, Nasdaq Nordic, SIX and Shenzen, as well as the leaders of sovereign wealth and pension funds.  

Fourteen heads of state and government have confirmed they will attend, including those from Armenia, Bangladesh, Botswana, Cambodia, the Central African Republic, Kenya, Lesotho, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Malawi, Mongolia, Montenegro, Namibia, Sierra Leone and Switzerland.
They will be joined by more than fifty ministers from developed and developing countries and 21 heads of international organizations.

The topicality of the forum for the international investment and development communities is reflected in the number and diversity of organizations that have partnered with UNCTAD for the event.
As well as United Nations entities, 50 other organizations will be at the event, including the Commonwealth, the International Labour Organization, the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the International Olympic Committee, the International Organization of Securities Commissions, the International Telecommunication Union, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the World Economic Forum, the World Trade Organization and the World Bank Group.

These partnerships have generated exciting new content for this year’s participants, including an in-depth look at the relationship between sport and development, co-hosted with the International Olympic Committee and, on the annual United Nations Day, 24 October, a session on the role of investment in peace and security.

 Five independent tracks will run in parallel with the main forum, with a special programme for parliamentarians, a multidisciplinary academic conference, an investment village, the 35th anniversary session of the Intergovernmental Working Group of Experts on International Standards of Accounting and Reporting (ISAR), and the 2018 UNCTAD Youth Forum, taking youth entrepreneurship as its theme.

Previous World Investment Forums took place in Accra, Ghana (2008), Xiamen, China (2010), Doha, Qatar (2012), Geneva, Switzerland (2014) and Nairobi, Kenya (2016).


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Sovereign Asia Focus October 2018




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China makes changes to the Individual Income Tax Law

The National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee approved, on 31 August 2018, a second draft of the Individual Income Tax Law to amend a number of elements of the calculation and enforcement of individual income tax (IIT) in China.

The aim of the new IIT law is to ease the tax burden for low to mid-income earners while taking a tougher stance on both high-income earners and foreign workers. It includes significant changes to residency rules and the introduction of General Anti Avoidance Rules (GAARs) for individuals.

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Singapore’s Global Investor Programme

Singapore’s passport is now ranked as the most powerful in the world, with a visa-free score on the Passport Index of 166. A Singaporean passport will grant visa-free access to 127 countries, while just 29 countries require a visa upon arrival and 32 countries require a visa under any circumstance.

A foreign investor who is interested in starting up a business or investing in Singapore, can apply for the SPR status through Singapore’s Global Investor Programme (GIP). This is eligible for applicants that can demonstrate both a substantial business track record and a successful entrepreneurial background.

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Hong Kong is now the top city for the super-rich

Hong Kong has overtaken New York to become the top destination for the world’s wealthiest people. The number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) residing in Hong Kong rose by almost a third in 2017 to 10,000, according to an annual survey published by research firm Wealth-X.

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Singapore changes statutory requirements for AGMs and Annual Returns

As part of on-going efforts to uphold Singapore’s competitiveness as a regional business hub, the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore continuously reviews the regulatory frameworks governing the companies and businesses registered in Singapore and makes necessary amendments to ensure their relevance, ease of application and efficacy.

To this end, ACRA has announced changes to the statutory requirements governing the holding of Annual General Meetings (AGM) and filing of Annual Returns (AR) to align them with a company’s Financial Year End (FYE). 

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Finalists for the Innovative Use of Underground Space category

ITA Tunnelling Awards 2018

Since 2015, the international competition “the ITA Tunnelling Awards” seeks and rewards the most ground-breaking innovation and outstanding projects in tunnelling and underground space utilization. 

The 2018 edition will take place on 7 November, in Chuzhou-Nanjing during the 20th Chinese Tunnel and Underground works Conference (CTUC – from 5 to 6 Nov). This will be followed by technical visits on Nov 8 in Nanjing, Chuzhou and Shanghai.  

In 2018, the 3 finalists for the award of “Innovative Use of Underground Space” all have one common trend: they build bridges. Bridges from the past to the present, bridges between urban activities and nature, bridges between the underground and the surface.

The Innovative Use of Underground Space category highlights the most unexpected and accomplished projects constructed underground. These projects aim to develop both ecological aspects as well as efficient urban planning, by shrinking the gap between the surface and the underground: creating new pedestrian connections, developing new utilizations of subterranean spaces and transferring surface functions to the ground.

The 3 finalists:


With the rapid development of tertiary industry in China since the 1980’s, the roles of cities have gradually been transformed into distribution and service centres. But land is a non-renewable and extensive use of urban space, leading to unequal repartition of services and functions.

Intensive land use, on the contrary, is based on the selection of modes appropriate to their different intrinsic attributes. Intensive use of land generally follows three trends: Land Construction, Buildings and Traffic.

Located  in  Tanglangshan  Park  Shenyun, the project in an abandoned quarry comprises of a  “Shenyun Vehicle Section” which is  at  the north  of  Longwan  Road  in  Nanshan  District,  and  at  the  east  side  of  Nanping  Express  Highway.  The site is approximately 307 meters wide and 905m long, with  floor  space of 31.85ha  and  overall  floorage  of 168,000. 

Based on the purpose of intensive land use, Shenyun  Vehicle  Section combines and considers  both ecological  construction and business development requirements. The vehicle section mixes rail traffic, sports facilities, public facilities and a scientific research and education base.  Natural and urban space are equally integrated within the project. This site is a wonderful reflection of the harmonious co-existence between human activities and nature, creating an ecological connection between hills and contributing to the natural balance of the area


The project consists of the construction of an underground pedestrian walkway in Tianjin, in New Badalei area. It aims to connect the north and south concourses of the Heiniucheng Road freeway and the Neijiang North Road.

The underground walkway beneath Heiniucheng Road has a length of 92,6m. The tunnel was constructed with an earth pressure balance pipe jacking machine. With a size of 10,4m x 7,55m, the pipe sections used in the underground walkway are the largest in the world.

Heiniucheng Road is one of the most important roads in Tianjin with a width of 66,5m. It is the first time the super-large cross-section rectangular pipe-jacking tunnelling method was used in the watery and weak strata in Tianjin.


The Norwegian Rock Blasting Museum is an underground museum located near the Olympic City of Lillehammer in Norway.

The museum was created 25 years ago by the main stakeholders of the industry, to recognise Norway’s close and extensive history with tunnels.

The Norwegian Rock Blasting Museum is an entertaining and informative journey through the history of Norwegian tunnelling and rock blasting, with a 240 m long semi-circular tunnel as the main attraction. The tunnel display equipment and tunnelling techniques date from the beginnings of tunnelling all the way to modern computerised drilling and TBM boring.  This is a unique museum, and possibly the only purpose-built “tunnelling museum” in the world.


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Latest Press Release from Betsoft Gaming — Partnership with

Betsoft Gaming Signs Content Agreement with Belgian Casino Supergame

31/8/2018 – Valletta, Malta Betsoft Gaming will extend its European reach further into Belgium, signing a content partnership agreement with established multi-channel casino Supergame.

The agreement is comprehensive, providing for the integration of a wide range of Betsoft titles that comply with the Belgian Gaming Commission’s online regulations.

Headquartered in Antwerp, Supergame built its reputation in land-based casino over several decades, before entering Belgium’s tightly-regulated online market in 2013. Since then, the operator has distinguished itself from the competition through a commitment to world-class customer support and an emphasis on the casino user experience. As a B+ license holder, certain restrictions apply to the content that Supergame can offer to Belgian players, as Annamaria Anastasi, Marketing Director for Betsoft explains:

“The Belgian regulated market is complex, with various license tiers that govern the way games can be promoted and played. For Supergame, this meant finding a content partner who is agile and experienced enough to make sensitive adjustments to core mechanics, themes, and features to ensure that their games comply with regulations and resonate with the region’s players.”

The agreement also lays the foundation for future Betsoft game integrations, with further content also being adjusted for the Belgian market.

“Working with Betsoft, you feel straight away that they are a very professional company,” says Manou Coutard, Product Manager at Supergame. “Our team have been big fans of Betsoft’s games for some time. Their titles are visually stunning, and their 3D art is amongst the very best in the business. But more than that, we were thrilled to find a partner capable of adjusting their content to meet our unique requirements. We are confident that Betsoft will help elevate our casino to the next level.”

About Betsoft Gaming:

Betsoft Gaming develops innovative casino games for desktop and mobile. Its portfolio of more than 190 RNG titles reaches players through partnerships with many of the iGaming industry’s leading operators. Under the SLOTS3 TM banner, Betsoft is elevating players’ expectations; these cinematic, true-3D slots blend rapid, gratifying gameplay with an audio-visual excellence more typical of movies and videogames.

An early entrant to mobile gaming, Betsoft launched the ToGo TM collection in 2012. More recently, Betsoft revealed the Shift TM environment, which supports truly cross-platform development at the same time as increasing performance, drastically reducing file size and streamlining integration.

Casino Manager, Betsoft’s comprehensive back-office platform, rolls reporting, management,
marketing, promotion, and administration into a single compelling package.

Betsoft is headquartered and licensed to operate in Malta, and holds additional licenses in Romania and Curacao. Contact or visit for general information and enquiries. For press and marketing enquiries, email

Brexit effect: Public opinion survey shows that EU is more appreciated than ever

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Press release – 17-10-2018

Brexit effect: Public opinion survey shows that EU is more appreciated than ever

The latest EU public opinion survey, conducted in September 2018, reveals a clear and growing appreciation for EU membership, reaching a record high of 68%.

The latest Eurobarometer survey, measuring public attitudes to the EU across member states, highlights that more people than ever consider their country’s membership of the European Union to be a good thing (62%). This is the highest figure recorded in the last 25 years. 68% are also of the view that their country has benefitted from EU membership – the highest figure since 1983.

Nearly all results measuring support for the EU showed a significant upturn following the UK referendum in 2016, suggesting growing concern across the continent at the impact that Brexit will have and a growing awareness, due to the difficult negotiations, of the benefits of being a member of the EU. 66% of European respondents would vote for their country to remain a member of the EU (a majority in all member states) and only 17% would contemplate leaving, with 17% undecided.

The latest Eurobarometer figures also show a growing sense of satisfaction amongst Europeans in the democratic functioning of the EU (49%), representing a three point increase since the previous survey in April, whilst 48% feel that their voice counts in the EU, though this latter sentiment appears to be on the decline in a number of countries.

The Parlemeter 2018 survey though is not all good news. Despite significant and growing support for the EU in general, half of respondents are not happy with the direction the EU is heading in, with a similar result regarding their own country. Public opinion also seems quite stable in terms of expectations about the role of the EU in the future, with 48% wanting the EU to play a more important role, as opposed to 27% preferring less.

As regards the image of Parliament across the EU, one third (32%) hold a positive view, one fifth (21%) a negative view and a relative majority (43%) remain neutral.

There is growing awareness of next year’s European elections, with 41% correctly identifying the date in May 2019 – a nine point increase over a similar survey six months ago and seven points more than in June 2013. However, 44% still could not say when the elections will be taking place, compared to 46% in June 2013.

With 51% of citizens declaring to be interested in the elections, citizens’ campaign priorities have evolved over the past six-month period. Immigration now tops the agenda (50%), followed by economy (47%) and youth unemployment (47%), whilst combatting terrorism moves down to fourth place with 44%.

Commenting on the results of the survey, President Tajani said: “As details of the UK’s withdrawal agreement are being finalised, these figures highlight growing appreciation of the benefits of EU membership across the continent. Nevertheless, there is much work to be done. Continued cooperation and solidarity at the EU level is essential in delivering answers to the concerns of ordinary European citizens.”

Guy Verhofstadt, Parliament’s Brexit coordinator, added: “The fact that 51% of UK citizens surveyed want to stay in the EU is a stark reminder of the deep divisions wrought by the Brexit decision and the need for us to find a sustainable and close long-term future relationship in the form of a broad and deep association agreement. While we must prepare for all eventualities, it appears there is little appetite in the UK or elsewhere in the EU for a so-called hard Brexit, or a costly, no-deal scenario and I hope that the outcome of the negotiations will ultimately reflect this.”

Background to the survey


The fieldwork of this survey was carried out between 8 and 26 September 2018 among 27 474 Europeans aged 16 or more, interviewed face-to-face by Kantar Public in all 28 Member States.


Further information

Eurobarometer survey


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Blockchain-based Cancer Screening – 97% accurate

Source: Lancor Scientific 

Lancor Scientific’s live cancer screening technology proves

global viability of blockchain-based platforms

Thursday 18th October, London:  Lancor Scientific has launched its global cancer registry, by integrating its blockchain platform onto an early detection cancer screening device.

The device has been developed to provide a more cost-effective, faster, securer and accurate cancer screening solution than current cervical Pap smear systems and will add more types of cancer it can screen for in 2019. It is an optimum solution to fast-track healthcare technologies in developing countries, helping to screen for a range of cancers at their earliest stages.

The blockchain will validate the screening devices, unlock the patient record, write the results to the registry, take payment for the cancer tests and provide real-time screening results. Lancor Scientific will store the results using a combination of on- and off-chain ledgers in patient-owned secure profiles.

Lancor Scientific’s Medici Token allows holders to purchase cancer screening tests at any clinic using the Lancor Blockchain Platform (LBP). It has been validated to work alongside partner Tumour Trace’s early cancer detection OMIS (Opto-magnetic Imaging Spectroscopy) device. It also addresses data security and fragmented records in healthcare, which can ultimately save lives.

The Lancor Blockchain Platform and Tumour Trace partnership is the product of 14 years of development and $5m investment. The Tumour Trace OMIS device was invented by Professor Djuro Koruga, Tumour Trace’s Chief Scientific Officer, and emanates from his research at the University of Belgrade.

It is the first device to use light to detect the state of electromagnetism in tissue. When tissue becomes cancerous, the magnetic profile of cells changes. Healthy tissue demonstrates a diamagnetic profile, whereas malignant tissue demonstrates a paramagnetic profile.

The OMIS device takes advantage of the photoelectric effect in quantum physics. When light is shone onto tissue, the magnetic component of the reflected light from the tissue can determine how malignant it is. This also means that the device does not subject the patient to potentially dangerous ultraviolet, X-ray or microwave radiation.

The patented technology is validated and CE marked for cervical cancer, following a number of clinical trials with partners, including the NHS, totalling approximately 2,000 people. It currently runs at 90% accuracy, compared to the 60% accuracy that Pap screening offers. With the use of AI removing biological noise from samples, trials are aiming to push for 97% accuracy. Costs can also be dramatically decreased. Pap and HPV cost £30-40, whereas a cervical cancer screening using OMIS costs between £5-10, approximately.

Lancor Scientific is currently aiming to validate the OMIS device to screen for a range of cancers in the future.

Aamir Butt, CEO of Lancor Scientific, has commented:

“Lancor Scientific has dedicated itself to making effective cancer screening available to everyone, everywhere. Our technology will help people to be screened earlier than ever before, so that they can receive necessary treatment, even before symptoms occur. Blockchain technology will provide a secure infrastructure to roll-out the device and Lancor Scientific platform.

The fight against cancer is an uphill battle for everyone connected, so we hope that our solution can help people in the countries that need it the most. We are delighted to see continued progress towards this ultimate goal.”

Lancor Scientific’s advisory board features several renowned professors including, Prof. Adenike Grange, Ex-Health Minister of Nigeria, who has consulted to the Federal Ministry of Health, WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA and USAID; Professor Dr. A Min Tjoa, a UN advisor and a full professor and director of the Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems at the Vienna University of Technology since 1994; and Dr.Khalil Razvi, a Clinical Director for the NHS.


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About Lancor Scientific:

Lancor Scientific is a London-based medtech company which has created a blockchain-based global cancer registry to address issues of data security and fragmented records in healthcare.

The platform works with an early detection cancer screening device created by Tumour Trace. The patented Tumour Trace device uses OMIS (Opto-magnetic Imaging Spectroscopy) to detect the change in electromagnetism of tissue.

Lancor Scientific is aiming to raise $20m through its ICO, which is currently open to seed token purchasers. This will allow Lancor Scientific to further validate both the blockchain registry and the Tumour Trace OMIS device.

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