Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards®  – Malta’s Premier and Largest Gaming Awards

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By George Carol


The last twelve months have been a period of change for the industry. The impact of the new Gaming Bill to be tabled in Maltese Parliament which will seek to repeal all the existing legislation and replace it with a singular primary Act of Parliament, together with subsidiary legislation covering horizontally the main thrusts of gaming regulation as well as a series of technical directives and guidelines currently being consulted on  by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) for eventual publication and rollout by the regulator once the Act comes into force, is still to be seen.


How much this will ensure that the gaming industry continues to be run responsibly, fairly and free from criminal activity, so that the Maltese jurisdiction provides a safe and well regulated environment where the industry can also develop and innovate is yet to be established and proven. The continued shock disclosure about the alleged Mafia links was again a “nightmare” for the gaming authority. Then there was the case of Alery Atanasov, a former employee of the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (now the Malta Gaming Authority), who has told The Malta Independent on Sunday that although he had contacted a number of authorities, including the Internal Audit and Investigations Department (IAID), the police and the FIAU over alleged irregularities at his workplace, he felt that no action was being taken. Atanasov recently filed an application in the Law Courts to be recognised as a whistleblower. He says that he had not only spoken to the abovementioned authorities about the alleged irregularities, but had even handed over a file of documents during a meeting held with an official at the Office of the Prime Minister, in an attempt to “make sure that he (the Prime Minister) was informed of irregular practices”. Our newsroom has recently asked a series of questions to the MGA Chairman himself, regarding criteria for financial aid and support given to certain individuals and companies in past, and about conflict of interest within Gaming Malta, however, to this day, these were never answered.


Nonetheless, zipping away from this background, there has been a successful growth and development of many in the industry’s top companies and products. It is those success stories that we honour in Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards 2018 (MiGEA). Once again, MBR Publications Limited are honoured to have MiGEA, powered by the Malta Business Review, as an integral part of our awards program. Last year’s event was met with string support for many of the industry’s top executives and we look forward to another exciting event this year.


MiGEA is unique in that it unites the best gaming has to offer in both land-based and digital verticals; its mission to unite both industries under one esteemed ceremony reflects the overarching trend that is drawing online and offline gaming closer together. As we move into the era of omni-channel gaming, including the increased prevalence of digital products and games in casinos, MBR Publications Ltd recognises that bridging land-based and digital gaming is an important step in the industry’s future. MiGEA captures this notion better than any other awards, a major factor in attracting key gaming players to be part if this event.


  • Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards®  are open to all gaming business entrepreneurs operating in the Malta, and feature a wide variety of categories to recognise achievement in every facet of the workplace.
  • Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards®  are open to all gaming business entrepreneurs, and include categories to honour accomplishments in all aspects of work life.
  • Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards®  are open to all gaming (land based or online) business entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean region who have work related projects operational in Malta, or based in Malta.  The categories focus on recognising innovation in all aspects of worklife.
  • Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards® are open to all gaming  and online payment business and gaming industrial organisations and entrepreneurs operating in Malta.
  • Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards®  are open to all business organisations, and recognize Malta’s best gaming entrepreneurs to work for and the HR teams and professionals, HR achievements, new gaming products and services, and suppliers who help to create and drive great workplaces.
  • Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards® are open to all gaming organisations in Malta, and recognize the achievements of sales, customer service, and call center professionals.
  • Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards®  are open to all gaming organizations in Malta, and recognise the achievements of men and women executives, entrepreneurs, and the gaming organisations they run.
  • Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards® judges include many of the Malta’s most respected qualified gaming executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and business educators.  Each of our awards programs harnesses the insights and talents of more than 20 highly respected professional judges every year.  All Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards®  entrants have access to all judges’ comments and scorcards about their nominations.
  • Sponsors of Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards® programs include many leading B2B and B2C marketers, publishers, iGaming, real estate, hospitality, travel, maritime and government institutions.
  • There are a number of benefits to submitting nominations to Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards® program.  We hope your organisation will participate, and look forward to welcoming you into the pantheon of past Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards® winners.

Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards®  are the Malta’s premier and largest Gaming awards. They were created in 2015 to honour entrepreneurs and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of local gaming working professionals.  In short order Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards® has become one of the Malta’s most coveted and sought business prizes.

It is a unique award show in a number of ways:

  • It’s the first award show in the Gaming industry to exclusively recognize companies or individuals;
  • It is open to all genders and with its categories covering almost all parts of a typical general gaming operation;
  • It’s the first and only award gala in the industry, where nominees will have to prove themselves in front of a panel of judges, with direct live scoring on the evening;
  • It’s the first ever live streamed award show in Malta;
  • It’s the first award show in the Gaming industry to be organised locally, by a Maltese registered Company and Malta based Shareholders;
  • MiGEA is first and foremost for talented Gaming employees and companies, who are based here in Malta and believe they have what it takes to become the best-of-the-best;
  • These awards are given to the companies and individuals that have impressed the industry most, which is the reason why they are so much sought-after;
  • It’s also the first gaming gala award to collect money for charity. We are honoured to have H.E. the President of Malta, Marie Louise Coleiro Preca at the awards show;
  • Record number of nominations demonstrates that the awards are truly considered the “Best of the Best”;
  • Over 60 nominations with 30 finalists;
  • The only truly accredited awards highlighting the industry’s groundbreakers;
  • Top Quality Judging Panel;
  • Over 500 guests attending gala evening Awards presentation;
  • Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards® are the most fair, legitimate and therefore prized awards in the entire gaming industry;
  • To guarantee their fairness, the judging process and votes are presided over by JPMC Auditors, the Awards official adjudicators.

Anyone who works within, or is a supplier to the Gaming industry can attend the Awards. There is a limited amount of tickets available, which will be sold on a first come, first served basis. One can either purchase individual tickets or tables of 10 seats.

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