DATE: FRIDAY 10th MAY, 2019


Imagine if some of the Gozo’s greatest business minds and industrious entrepreneurs coming together to reshape the future. Well, in Gozo they are just doing that on Friday 30th May and Saturday 1st June 2019 at the Grand Hotel, Mgarr, Gozo, for the first ever Gozo Expo and the Gozo Business Awards, organised by MBR Publications Limited, and supported and sponsored by the Ministry for Gozo and the Gozo Business Chamber.

During the launching Press Conference held at the same venue, the Minister for Gozo, Dr Justyne Caruana, welcomed a packed audience and said that, “this is Gozo’s first and only trade fair, whereby these two combined business events, fall under the Ministry’s Gozo strategy for further business development, trade expansion and investment. It will culminate in a unique event celebrating Gozitan entrepreneurial achievement, and bringing together more than 300 of Island’s top business leaders, executives, advisors and investors who are leaders in innovation and masters of business transformation.

“The theme chosen by the organisers MBR Publication Limited focuses on ‘Opportunity, Mobility & Sustainability’, and was brought to life by influential panellists, thoughtful speakers and the Ministry’s agenda to create more business opportunities and provide a new business platform for investors through supporting and financing such events,” said the Minister. These ranged from the future and use of social media to international business growth in the most unexpected places . Among the highlights: the Travellers live in concert, George Curmi (Il-Puse’) and his Quartet, YADA Dancers, fire eaters, fire jugglers and also a chance to win a return trip to Rome/Paris for two persons courtesy of FCM Travel Ltd.

“The very presence and participation of various major businesses from Gozo embodies the whole essence of this major event. The organisers even created a wall to showcase corporate pledges and those who committed to give more young people a chance at that all-important first job. This is the largest ever business award gala event to be held in Gozo and the largest trade fair of its kind. Today is an important entrepreneurial milestone for Gozitan entrepreneurs. We are gathered here at the Grand Hotel in Mgarr, to launch the most prestigious trade show and business awards event held in Gozo. This event not only honours the essence of entrepreneurship, but also honours all the business professionals who have deservedly been selected as the nominees of the awards in their respective categories, as well as to show appreciation to all the organisers, whose work has contributed to the enhancement of entrepreneurs in the Maltese Islands,” said the Hon Minister.

“First of all I take this occasion to thank MBR Publications Limited for the invitation to launch this event and also for their outstanding initiative to promote Gozo’s foremost business impresarios – the best entrepreneurs in business, including the commercial sector, hospitality, healthcare, ICT, F&B, manufacturing, industrial, real estate, banking, maritime, aviation and local industry; every major category is represented during this remarkable event,” the Minister for Gozo added on.

Dr Caruana thanked all the exhibitors, nominees and their companies, who through their participation are indirectly assisting growth in all sectors of the Gozitan economy, which under this Government have seen increased growth, the biggest performer were the financial and insurance sectors, where an increase of almost fourteen (17) per cent was recorded. “Malta has been registering positive economic performance, and the strong momentum exhibited by the Maltese economy during 2017, 2018 and 2019, and is set to continue during this year, where the Maltese economy is expected to maintain a growth of four (4.4) per cent in real terms during the first quarter of 2019, which compares to an average growth of one (1) per cent registered in the Euro Area for the same period,” the Minister stated.

Europe has been plagued with the internal squabbling and the Brexit crisis for the last two years now, and some countries like Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal have suffered more than others. However, Malta’s economy shows a stable growth and no signs of a slowdown at all. The Central Bank of Malta recently confirmed this in their quarterly report. The GDP in the euro area grew by in the first quarter, but remained stable in the second. This growth was mainly due to domestic demands and investments. The amount of people in employment shows a better development compared to last year. The unemployment rate currently stands at the lowest in Europe, which in comparison to other countries in the EU is considerably low. The development is very positive.

Gozo Expo and the Gozo Business Awards stand out as an inspiration which reminds us that there are increased opportunities in Gozo for new investors in the professional, building and construction, engineering, scientific and technical sector, technological, healthcare, manufacturing, industrial, including other private sectors, where increases are being recorded namely in property, agriculture and fishing, wholesale and retail trade and information and communication.

“The scope of this high-status and largest local trade show and gala award event is to foster the participation of and recognition of Gozo’s most outstanding and highly exceptional business entrepreneurs, bringing them to interact with Maltese and foreign business counterparts, in order enable business networking, development and encourage investment. l am fully behind this wonderful initiative as we want to be prime movers to promote good governance ethics, sound values and best management practice and policies which distinguishes excellent business persons from the ordinary, and reward them for their positive contributions toward our Islands’s economic growth, their enterprise to improve our business community and also their resourcefulness to act as role models for other entrepreneurs. Thus we are taking the lead to encourage and support tomorrow’s leaders and create a winning synergy,” explained Dr Caruana.

“My Ministerial Portfolio and duties propel me to uphold best entrepreneurial ethics and values in order to create and foster awareness on the importance of rewarding entrepreneurial culture and achievements at the level for their collateral benefits not just at the workplace, but also on an international level, and thus recognise and celebrate the right entrepreneurial culture which stimulates Innovation, drive and commitment of a variety of corporate business clusters, including small and medium enterprise (SME), ranging from iGaming to banking, from finance to industry, including key economic decision makers — the men and women that feed, clothe and grow our country,” she said.

“Highlighting the fact that these awards will also introduce a number of new initiatives and categories to further the entrepreneurial cause, my Ministry is wholeheartedly supporting the Gozo Expo and these awards as both events identify those demonstrating the entrepreneurial aptitude, commercial acumen, vision, ambition and drive to build a successful enterprise,” said the Minister.

“It is essential that we understand the importance of appreciating and rewarding inspirational business leaders. Entrepreneurs need this kind of recognition much more often than one tends to think. To have such a competent and well-versed adjudicating team look over your shoulders, probe your business plan, look at your balance sheet, question your sustainability and future strategies and to then give you the nod of approval is a source of great satisfaction,” said Mr Martin Vella, organiser of the event.

“Please allow me to congratulate all the exhibitors of the Gozo Expo, as well as the nominees of the various categories of thes first ever Gozo Business Awards. On behalf of the Ministry for Gozo, I also wish to extend my gratitude to everyone involved in the organization, particularly MBR Publications Limited, and I would like to augur you have a fruitful, enjoyable event, which I am sure that so much will come out with the help of your valid contributions,” ended Dr Caruana.

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