Two nations joined by common heritage


During a press conference in Gela, Sicily, Minister for Energy and Water Management Joe Mizzi addressed the Malta-Sicily gas pipeline with Gela Mayor Domenico Messinese, Vice-Mayor Simone Siciliano, Council President Alessandra Ascia, and other representatives and counsellors from the region.


The press conference coincided with the feast of Our Lady of Graces, currently being celebrated in Sicily and traditionally celebrated in Żabbar. Minister Mizzi noted that this was a clear indication of the common heritage and link between the two countries.

Minister Mizzi expressed gratitude to the Municipality of Gela for its continuous support in the last few months in relation to the project for the development of a gas pipeline between Malta and Gela – an international energy project identified by the European Union as a project of importance at European level to ensure that the European Gas Network is further extended to link Malta to the European mainland.

The Minister also thanked the representatives of the Municipality of Gela and the other authorities and institutions involved for their professionality and support in the preparatory phase for the project especially with reference to the public consultation held in Gela last April aimed at understanding the opinions and concerns of the citizens of Gela with regards to the project to address these concerns during the design and implementation of the project.

Minister Mizzi concluded by once again noting the importance of the geographical and socio-cultural link between Malta and Sicily and the mutual benefits that could be reaped through collaboration.

“In this way the gas pipeline project can also be seen as a catalyst for closer relations between our populations and hence leaving a positive effect on the daily lives of our citizens through the promotion, coordination, and strengthening of our mutual collaboration in areas of common interest such as tourism, culture, artistic heritage, youth and sports”.